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Did you know floral design classes were offered at the University of Missouri? Did you also know that Landscape design classes were also provided at MU? In the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and under the Division of Plant Sciences, FIVE floral design courses and FIVE landscape design are offered! They are engaging, hands-on courses and several sections are offered every semester!

We look forward to having you in one of our classes!


PS2002 Landscape Site Analysis, Topics Course

1-4 credit hrs

Landscape Site Analysis is an eight-week, in depth look at the information landscape designers need to be able to "read" from the proposed landscape site prior to beginning the design process.

PS2254 Landscape Design

3 credit hrs

An introduction into the processes, principles, and practices of landscape design, this course begins with site analysis and moves through the drawing and presentation of your landscape concepts.

PS3002 Landscape Graphics, Topics Course

1-4 credit hrs

Landscape Graphics is an eight- week, spring semester course in which the students get a more detailed look into the artistic side of landscape design and presentation.

PS3002 Landscape AutoCAD, Topics Course

1-4 credit hrs

Put down your pencils and grab your mouse! This fall semester design course explores the use of AutoCAD, the primary drafting software utilized by the design industry today, with a focus on landscape design.

PS4975 Advanced Landscape Design

4 credit hrs

This course starts where Landscape Design leaves off. In this spring semester course, we work to enhance the student's design and drafting skills while taking a more detailed look at special landscape design situations all designers are likely to encounter once entering the industry.

For more information on landscape design, contact Tim Moloney, Landscape Design Coordinator at


PS2220 Introduction to Floral Design

2 credit hrs

Lecture/lab course offering introduction to the basics of floral design with special emphasis on design mechanics, flower processing, care and handling. Fall and spring semester offering.

PS2221 Everyday Floral Design

3 credit hrs

Lecture/lab intermediate floral design course expanding skills from introductory floral design with emphasis on the elements and principles of design. Fall and spring semester offering.

PS3220 Special Occasion Floral Design

3 credit hrs

Lecture/lab advanced floral design course with emphasis in silk décor, sympathy design and public ceremony design. Fall semester offering.

PS3221 Wedding Floral Design

3 credit hrs

Lecture/lab advanced floral design course with emphasis in wedding floral design and personal piece design. Spring semester offering.

PS3222 Retail Floral Management

3 credit hrs

Lecture course focusing on all areas of retail floral management: business finance, marketing, products & services, employee management, and customer service. Fall semester offering.

For more information on floral design, contact Lesleighan Cravens, Floral Design Instructor at

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Revised: August 31, 2017